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What EYFS Do?

Earth Young Foot Soldiers (EYFS) is a collaboration that facilitates the participation and upskilling of young people in the agri-food sector between the European and African Union. We combine our organisational capacity, talents, networks and tools to facilitate this.

Capacity building

We train and certify young people through our digital platform, using the train a trainer model and regional innovation hubs to achieve maximum impact and widest reach. We also connect certified young people to corporates and institutions for internships, project opportunities, and job offers.

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Who we are ?


We envision stronger learning and networking linkages for young people between Africa, Europe, and other regions, through digital tools and platforms, where young people meaningfully engage and collaborate with all stakeholders in the agri-food sector, as able and equal partners.


To identify, upskill, and certify at least 10 000 young people in rural areas through our digital platform as well as through 10 innovation hubs between Europe and Africa, helping to accelerate economic activity in the target rural areas.


We promote inclusivity and participation in all our activities. This is why we reach out even to the most remote areas to give rural young people an opportunity to realise their potential. We also believe collaboration and networking are key ingredients to the development of sustainable solutions in the agri-food sector. All our activities are youth-centric and/or youth-led.

Our Impact


Our innovation hubs will provide a bridge between local youths, their communities, and other learning institutions, thus encouraging pollination of ideas. Skills development for thousands of young people will result in the acceleration of economic activities in their respective rural areas.

Natural resources

Our training will lead to reduction in food waste/loss at youth-led farms/enterprises. There is going to be an increase in the uptake of climate smart farming models.


Our program opens new and lucrative markets for our alumni. Using technology in agriculture will attract more young people to take up farming as a business. Diverse and sustainable local value chains will be developed by young people in their respective communities/regions.


More young people will be encouraged to join the agri-food sector to tackle food security and nutrition challenges.

Improved stability

Assist Young people to improve stability in Ag-Food Sector.

Language support

Bridging the knowledge : by enabling common language increase the impact of knowledge.

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EYSF mechanism is to engage and empower youth in Food & Agriculture.It provides a platform for young people to cross-pollinate ideas and learn from each other`s.
The training of trainers gives other young people an opportunity to learn from their contemporaries, people who share their challenges and view of the world.

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